2015-07-12 20.23.18 copy.jpgSuccessful journalists need to know a little bit about everything: they must be able to accept a topic, research it, ask the right questions about it, and then formulate it into a coherent story that can teach readers something new. These are the principles by which I operated during my first two undergraduate years studying journalism.

But…I’m far from a successful journalist.

Now as a nutrition student, I have found that many of the same principles hold true. To understand wellness is to know a little bit about everything. Through this blog, I hope to explore the interplay of food and experience and their effects on general wellbeing.

My goal, lofty as it may seem, is to offer a holistic perspective on what it means to be “healthy.” I will dive in to such topics as healthful food choices (eating well), mental illness and wellness (head happy), and finding joy in activity and adventure (out and about). I hope you can find a topic or two that speaks to you.

We don’t need to know a little bit about everything, but I hope I can teach you a little more about something–you.


My primary sources for nutritional information include:

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Contemporary Nutrition: A Functional Approach, by Wardlaw, Smith and Collene
  • Various reputable web journals

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